Author’s Note: What’s been going on? Why have there been no posts? This is what’s happening guys!

Oh my goodness guys! Let me tell you all about what’s been happening and why I’ve been completely MIA! So, first things first, it’s been really busy for my family in these past few months and secondly, big news. Really, really, big news. I have decided that after 12 years, I am going back to school to get my degree in Professional Writing/Creative Writing so I can pursue my dream of becoming a professional published author! I have since then signed up and registered for a full course load at the local community college and classes start August 24th. This will probably have a major impact on what I do around here as it’s going to be involved in my process of getting a degree so you’ll all be updated constantly on where we’re at with progress and such on a daily basis. This is a huge step for me. I became fully disabled when I was 21 and to be able to go back to school now is a complete blessing in surprise. I know that things will be slightly different, and posts may take slightly longer to get out, but they will come. I promise. I’m not giving up on you guys. Exactly the opposite. I am working towards a better future for me here on the blog and just in general in my career as a writer. So, with that said, here’s to new beginnings and the chasing of dreams! I’ll be posting the updated, new blog post schedule shortly so keep an eye out for that. Some things may have changed since I last posted updates, so keep that in mind. But all in all, I’m super excited about all of this and I can’t wait to better myself as a writer so we can see what happens in the future as well. -Caroline

Reading General Overview Update and what’s Coming Up on the Blog this weekend!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t posted in like forever. Been super busy with stuff. But now I’m getting back on schedule today. So here’s where we stand with the current reads on the blog and also what the schedule for this weekend will be!

  • Unearthly-Book 1 36% done
  • Whims of Fae Book 2 Prisoner of Darkness 35% done
  • The Porcupine of Truth: 10% done
  • Wisdom Book 4: 16% done
  • Misguided Angel Book 5: 2% done
  • Survive the Night: 14% done
  • Friday updates: Wisdom and Misguided Angel
  • Saturday updates: The Porcupine of Truth, Unearthly
  • Sunday Updates: Prisoner of Darkness, Survive the Night

Sound good? Okay? Okay. Yup that’s my schedule and I’m sticking to it. Hope to see you all on the blog this weekend. And until then, happy reading. -Caroline

Reading Tunes Playlist: Misguided Angel!

  • Victorious-Skillet
  • Terrify the Dark-Skillet
  • Legendary-Skillet
  • Me and My Girl-Theory of a Deadman
  • Hurricane-Theory of a Deadman
  • Painkiller-Three Days Grace
  • I Am Machine-Three Days Grace
  • The Real You-Three Days Grace
  • Fallen Angel-Trapt
  • Black Rose-Trapt
  • No Apologies-Trapt
  • Chaos Reigns- Trivium
  • Silence in the Snow-Trivium
  • The Ones We Leave Behind-Trivium

Reading Tunes Playlist: The Porcupine of Truth!

  • Dollhouse-Nightcore Reality
  • Careless Whisper-Seether
  • I’m Not Alright-Shinedown
  • Nowhere Kids-Shinedown
  • Dark side -Shinedown
  • Outcast-Shinedown
  • Die To Save You-Sick Puppies
  • Black &Blue -Sick Puppies
  • This Song Saved My Life-Simple Plan
  • Shut Up-Simple Plan
  • Me Against The World-Simple Plan
  • Hero-Skillet
  • Monster-Skillet
  • Awake and Alive-Skillet
  • The Last Night- Skillet

Reading Tunes Playlist: Survive The Night!

  • Take Me On The Floor- The Veronicas
  • On Your Side-The Veronicas
  • Bitter Love-Pia Mia
  • Make Me-Britney Spears
  • If I’m Dancing-Britney Spears
  • Cyber Sex-Doja Cat
  • Usual Suspects-Hollywood Undead
  • Take Me Home-Hollywood Undead
  • Your Love is my Drug-Kesha
  • TikTok-Kesha
  • Animal-Kesha
  • We R Who We R-Kesha
  • Crazy Kids-Kesha
  • Live for the Night-Krewella
  • We Go Down-Krewella
  • Dancing With the Devil-Krewella

General Aesthetics post for Survive the Night!

Mood/Aesthetics board that I created for this book

So as always there’s gonna be some new people to this so let me explain. Here on the blog I do mood/inspiration board for each book that I read and review. So this time it’s for the book Survive the Night which of course will be candy colored raver vibes. That’s one of my favorite things about this book is the great vibes it gives off. So that’s what I did and I’m sticking with it. Keep a lookout for those playlists. I believe we’ll be needing one for Unearthly, The Porcupine of Truth, Survive the Night, Misguided Angel and Whims of Fate. So here we go. Get ready. Get set and stay bookish. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

Dream Cast Post for The Porcupine of Truth! Who I’d get to play who

So if you’ve been following for awhile you know how this works. If not, welcome and I’ll offer up an explanation. I have this thing on the blog where I “cast” my dream cast of real celebs or people that have a look that inspire me of the characters in a book who I’d like to see in some type of on screw adaption. So, this time it’s Carson and Aisha who are the main couple in The Porcupine of Truth and this is who I’d want to play them. Yes you’re seeing that right. Yes it is Michael Clifford from 5SOS and yes I’d get Billie Eilish to play along side him in the role of Aisha. So yeah. Personal preference I suppose has a lot to do with this. But these two would make a great duo on screen for this book. So that’s where I’m at. Next up will be playlists and probably more general Aesthetics so keep a lookout and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

General Aesthetics post: The Porcupine of Truth

Mood/Inspiration board I made for this book

So guys I know I said I needed rest but I really can’t sleep so here we are again. And possibly again and again tonight so be prepared. This is the mood board I came up with for The Porcupine of Truth book. Kinda really dark but love is there. It’s intense and a lot of stuff happens. So this board is what I envision their love as or what it could be. The main characters Carson and Aisha I’m gonna do a dream cast post for next so keep a watch out for that. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline