Reading Update: Revelations Book 3 in the Blue Bloods Series: Where I’m at and how I feel about it

Hey guys here’s an update for Blue Bloods book 3, Revelations. I have to say, I am seriously enjoying this book and like the others it’s registered a solid 5/5 on the good reads scale for me. I’m about 40% done with it and it’s just got so many twists and turns and I’m glad that Schuyler is finally more on top in the group instead of Mimi her rival (and secret sister). But Schuyler regrets turning her best friend and Conduit Oliver into her human familiar but I mean it was to save her life so at least that’s something. Oliver was in love with her before he turned into her familiar but now he’s super in love with her. Too bad she’s in love with Jack, (her weird vampire sibling like Mimi. Don’t ask it’s weird.) and it seems as though Mimi has caught Schuyler and Jack seeing each other behind her back and now she’s going to try to speed up her and Jack’s bonding ceremony to make sure Schuyler doesn’t get him. It’s all very posh high school drama with a vampire flare and fate and mysterious circumstances are leading to definite unbridled passion all around. Like I said, a solid 5/5 so far and let’s note that I am usually rather picky with books so this ones a must read. So until next time, get hyped and happy reading. -Caroline

Reading update: The Towering Sky: Where I’m at and how I’m feeling about it

Hey all! Good afternoon. So this is an update for The Towering Sky where we left off last time from book 2 Such Dazzling Heights. As I said in the intro, it’s a big murder mystery basically but instead of focusing on Eris’s Murder like before, now we’re focusing on the death of Eris’s lover Mauriel who mysteriously drowned in the river one night after everyone returned from the big grand opening in Dubai. Atlas is now in charge of the tower in Dubai while everyone else is left scrambling trying to figure out who killed Mauriel and who she told about their involvement in Eris’s death. As we saw in the prologue, Avery eventually jumps off the tower. But why? And what brought her to that decision? And what happens to her German boyfriend who she brought back from the UK? And will Leda and Watt solve the mystery of not only the murder but also their relationship with one another? And what about Cord and Rylin and how their relationship abruptly ended after Rylin kisses the academy’s film instructor? Will she stay with her extra Hiral or is there hope for her and Cord? And what of Calliope and how her mom is getting married to the billionaire topsider and how her new step sister knows her secrets? I don’t know but we’ll find out. Stay tuned for more updates and next up will be an update for the Blood Bloods book 3 Revelations. (Since I forgot about it yesterday) And as always, happy reading.

Reading update: current reads and where we are for each

Hey guys so those are the ones I’ll be reading currently. First update will be on The Towering Sky followed by the first reading update for Flutter book 3 in tbr My Blood Approves series. After that will be the first intro to the side book I love you so Mochi. And then Prisoner of Darkness and Awakening will follow. Sound good? As always aesthetics and play list posts will follow. So get ready, get hyped and happy reading.

A Note On Everything: The situation and what we’re going to do about it

Guys! I am sorry that things have been so crazy lately. Enough that I haven’t been posting. But good news! I’m gonna be back posting full time as much as I can because as scared as I am about this situation in the world, there’s gotta be some hope somewhere so I’m gonna continue blogging about what I know best which is books in an effort to take some of the strain off not only you guys but me too. Cause I’ll admit it. I’m scared. But being scared won’t do any good in my case, so book blogging here I come. Again. Lol So let’s see, I’ll post a list of the current reads I’ll be doing and what upcoming stuff you’ll be likely to see. Hang in there guys. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

Books I’ve been Reading this Week: Kinda a filler week

So guys I’ve been pretty busy with some stuff that’s been happening with my family and I’ve been taking a small bit of downtime while I recuperate. But to satisfy that bookish need, here are the books I’ve read and finished this week. One of them even is a three book boxed set so I’ve gotten a lot of reading done just not the ones that I was gonna review and blog about for the most part this week. Keep a lookout though because I’ll be doing updates on the regular series that I’ve been working on plus a new side book that should be fun. Book covers for what I read are down below. Enjoy and as always, happy reading. – Caroline

Reading Update/Intro to Prisoner of Darkness book 2 in the Whims Of Fae series

Yes, yes I know I messed up several blog posts by calling this book the Prince Of Darkness instead of the Prisoner of Darkness and I’m sorry for that but, there is a Prince of Darkness in it, it just happens that Scarlett and Raith are his prisoners. So it all works out with the mix up. Lol So, when the first book ended, Scarlett and Raith survive the forest trial and Raith loses his right to the Summer Crown which his brother Cade now has. In a weird twist of fate, Cade spares both their lives even though the rules state clearly that they must be executed. Cade returns to the Summer court as king and never lets on that he left Scarlett and Raith to die but never took their lives himself. Scarlett is saved by the potion that the Unseelie Prince gave her at the start of the trial and she is able to save Raith from death as well from her newfound Fae powers that the potion has given her. But everything with bargains dealing with the Fae comes at a price. And now Scarlett and Raith are prisoners of the Unseelie court and the Prince has some rather interesting and very steep ideas if payment in exchange for saving their lives. But all is not what it seems, and Raith and Scarlett both are in for the fight for their lives (round 2) again, as they devise a plan to get out of the Unseelie court. I’m still at the beginning so I’ll fill you in as time goes on. But wow it’s like yay they’re alive but oh my…they’re up against death again and it’s getting so dark in this series, guys. Like this series is really, really dark. I love it though. Like I’ve said before, there’s a beauty in darkness. So, until my next bookish update, stay tuned and as always, happy reading. -Caroline