Dream Cast Post for The Porcupine of Truth! Who I’d get to play who

So if you’ve been following for awhile you know how this works. If not, welcome and I’ll offer up an explanation. I have this thing on the blog where I “cast” my dream cast of real celebs or people that have a look that inspire me of the characters in a book who I’d like to see in some type of on screw adaption. So, this time it’s Carson and Aisha who are the main couple in The Porcupine of Truth and this is who I’d want to play them. Yes you’re seeing that right. Yes it is Michael Clifford from 5SOS and yes I’d get Billie Eilish to play along side him in the role of Aisha. So yeah. Personal preference I suppose has a lot to do with this. But these two would make a great duo on screen for this book. So that’s where I’m at. Next up will be playlists and probably more general Aesthetics so keep a lookout and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

General Aesthetics post: The Porcupine of Truth

Mood/Inspiration board I made for this book

So guys I know I said I needed rest but I really can’t sleep so here we are again. And possibly again and again tonight so be prepared. This is the mood board I came up with for The Porcupine of Truth book. Kinda really dark but love is there. It’s intense and a lot of stuff happens. So this board is what I envision their love as or what it could be. The main characters Carson and Aisha I’m gonna do a dream cast post for next so keep a watch out for that. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

Reading Update: Prisoner of Darkness: I Finished it! Onto Book 3!

Guys I finished it! Prisoner of Darkness, book 2 in the Whims of fae series is done. I’m so excited about the rest of this series and it just jolts me next into wanting to binge read it tonight. it’s very possible I could bring read a few series tonight and make some head way. Hopefully I get some sleep too cause I’m way too tired lately. This book was phenomenal and I highly recommend it. So, 5/5 stars and onto the next one which is Book 3 Whims of Fate. So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

Dream Cast Post for Survive the Night: Who I’d think would play who

Hey guys so yup. It’s that time again. Yet another Dream Cast Post for a new book. This time it’s Survive the Night and if there was an adaption of some kind, who I’d want to play who. So these are the girls I chose who would fit the aesthetics of each of the main characters. It’s a raver girl/survival horror book so I went with mainly raver aesthetics. Colorful, candy color hair and cute faces. This is what Survive the Night is all about. So, next post will be tomorrow I think. I need some rest. A lot of content went up on the blog today so hopefully that’s okay. I hope you all enjoyed hanging out today and until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

General Aesthetics Post for Misguided Angel!

Image board that’s my inspiration as I read Misguided Angel

So that’s right! It’s time for another general Aesthetics post where I put together a mood board/inspiration board for the book that I’m reading. This time it’s Misguided Angel and I love the dark vibes I’m getting from it and that’s why this board is completely and totally gothic/dark themed. The board is above so check it out. Next up will be an update for Prisoner of Darkness so stay tuned and stay hyped cause it’s coming at you right now. -Caroline

Book Haul: Anna And The French Kiss Trilogy!

Guys I got the Anna and the French Kiss Series as well! Super excited. I know I’ve been saying that a lot recently but seriously. Books are fun. And I have a lot of time to read nowadays Haha. Just wanted to let you know that this series will be on the blogs master list for reading this year. I can’t wait to share another one of my fav series with you. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

One and Done Side Book Readathon: The Porcupine of Truth

So this book I’m gonna one and done today because that’s exactly how long it’ll take me to finish it. One day. It’s not short by any means but it’s not terribly long either. This book you would think by looking at it that it’s a cutesy book and then you realize nope. Definitely not a cutesy book. It’s a very good book so far but it’s a tough read at a lot of points because of the honest content about the main characters dad dying if alcoholism and the other main character coming from an equally dark life. The road trip they go on sounds interesting. But I’m skeptical. It’s a dark subject they’re talking about here and it’s one that’s a reality that needs to be talked about but in other words I’m going to spend tonight reading all out cutesy fairytale retellings to cleanse my palette after this. Like I said, good book. Tough read. You wanna cry to a book? This will do it. 5/5 stars on the good reads scale too for right now. We’ll see if that changes. Until then, hope you liked the surprise Readathon update. I’ll keep updating as the day goes on as well as updating the rest of the series or as many as I can get done today. So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

Book Haul Surprise! Happy Friday! What I Got

Guys! My mom surprised me with a book haul today and I’m super excited to tell you all about it. So here’s the list!

  • The Porcupine Of Truth by Bill Konigsberg
  • Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg
  • Leap by Jodi Lundgren

Super excited to share all of these with you! It’s gonna be fun. Most def. I think these will be some of our upcoming side books so stay tuned and get hyped cause awesome things are coming to the blog! And until then, happy reading. -Caroline