Reading Update: Misguided Angels: Book 5 of the Blue Bloods Series: Where I’m at and How I’m feeling about it!

Misguided Angel Book 5 in the Blue Bloods Series but Melissa De La Cruz

Okay so first book update in awhile. This is the first update for Chapters 1 and 2 kicking off the start of reading Misguided Angels which is Book 5 in the Blue Bloods Series. And immediately, just by reading the first couple of pages, I’m just gonna say, wow. That’s a lot of info to take in at once. First couple of pages are detailed reports from the Conclave about a past journal entry from Lawrence Van Alen who was killed in the last book and also a kinda random flashback scene to like Florence, Italy in 1432 that outlines some sort of Conclave hunt for a Silver Blood and some really random occurrence that happens while hunting for it. To give a brief review of where the last book left off, the Conclave and Lawrence were tracking the movement of the Silver Bloods to South America and had them cornered when they were tricked and both Lawrence Van Alen, Schuyler’s grandfather and the rest of the Conclave Elders were brutally massacred. Kingsley and the Venators were also there and Kingsley also lost his life in the battle while Mimi fought to regain control of the Conclave. If you remember, Kingsley and Mimi were having an affair of sorts kinda right around the time she was supposed to be bonding with Jack. In the end, after Schuyler is framed by the Conclave for Lawrence’s murder, she runs off with Jack leaving Mimi at the altar of her own bonding ceremony. The plot line has implied that both Jack and Mimi were at fault for the result of the failed bonding ceremony but apparently Mimi can’t see that she was also cheating with Kingsley while Jack was in the wrong by cheating with Schuyler. Mimi has now taken control of the Conclave and is searching for Jack and Schuyler to bring them to justice for disturbing the natural order of the Cycle and hold them accountable for the failed bonding of her and Jack which is a crime against the Cycle itself. Book 5 starts off after the really weird case documents and flashback with Jack and Schuyler on a boat being held captive by the Countess Isabella who they thought was going to give them protection from the Conclave, which she has but she also has taken away their freedom completely making Jack suspect that she may be a Silver Blood traitor. I’m really confused about how the plot line got to here because the last book left off after the battle, at the party where they’re asking for protection from Countess Isabella and Oliver is lost somewhere in the crowd with a bunch of Silver Bloods, we don’t know if he’s alive or not. And also, it showed the failed bonding ceremony where Jack leaves Mimi at the altar and she vows to seek revenge on them both. Now they’re on a boat. In the middle of the ocean which to me is a really big jump from where we were before. It states that the events of the previous book happened several months in the past from where we are now but even that seems like a huge jump in the location of the plot and it does leave me more than a little confused. I wouldn’t say I’ve forgotten the whole plot of the last book, but it’s definitely being mixed somewhere in between the one of the current book because it’s really hard to tell between them at this point in time. I would say, this is off to a good start for Book 5, but I’m going in with a lot of caution because I’m already so confused and that doesn’t really bode well for a plot line when I’m only on the second chapter. Right now, we’re at the point where Jack and Schuyler are currently preparing to escape from the boat somehow and we’ll see how that is handled as the next few chapters go on. Confusing, slightly less solid plot line than the other previous books with almost no pretext to go on. So, that’s where I’m at currently and hopefully the plot will solidify itself more and it’ll get better instead of worse from here. Next up will be a reading update for Book 2, Prisoner of Darkness from the Whims of Fae series. It is taking me quite a while to get myself through this second book of this series and hopefully I won’t have to like DNF it in the middle. So, keep a look out for that update hopefully going to be published on the blog later tonight. If not tonight, then tomorrow at some point. Until next time, get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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