Reading General Overview Update and what’s Coming Up on the Blog this weekend!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t posted in like forever. Been super busy with stuff. But now I’m getting back on schedule today. So here’s where we stand with the current reads on the blog and also what the schedule for this weekend will be!

  • Unearthly-Book 1 36% done
  • Whims of Fae Book 2 Prisoner of Darkness 35% done
  • The Porcupine of Truth: 10% done
  • Wisdom Book 4: 16% done
  • Misguided Angel Book 5: 2% done
  • Survive the Night: 14% done
  • Friday updates: Wisdom and Misguided Angel
  • Saturday updates: The Porcupine of Truth, Unearthly
  • Sunday Updates: Prisoner of Darkness, Survive the Night

Sound good? Okay? Okay. Yup that’s my schedule and I’m sticking to it. Hope to see you all on the blog this weekend. And until then, happy reading. -Caroline

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