Survive The Night: Intro and First Impressions

You’re psychotic,” I mutter. But I’m smiling. “Face it, youre going to lead an incredibly exciting and dangerous life.” She winks at me. “ Whether you want to or not.”

Casey and Shana Chapter 2 of Survive the Night by Danielle Vega

This is a seriously messed up kinda horror book but it’s in a way that I find to be particularly aesthetically pleasing so we’re just gonna roll with it. And when I say it’s messed up, it’s MESSED up. Danielle Vega has a way with her stories that’s absolutely terrifying, horrific and flat out gory but it’s like candy on Halloween. I eat that stuff up. In a weird way. Also, a note on quotes from this book. There might not be many because of the graphic horror scenes and cursing. But trust me, you’ll wanna check this one out. With or without quotes. So where do I start? Well, let’s start here. This book is about a teen girl named Casey who just got back to her old life from rehab where she was in for drug addiction. She tries to make it as a normal teen but finds that she gets sucked back into the dark side by her former best friend and partner in crime, local bad girl Shana. Shana convinces Casey and their band of misfit friends to go to an all night rave party in the abandoned subway system under their town. But it’s called Survive the Night for a reason. And not all is what it seems in the darkness of the tunnels. Drugs, partying and yes lots of horror, this book exceeds expectations and then some. It takes you through twists and turns and you’ll never see the end coming. So, with that said, today is the first day I start this book. It’ll be our stand alone book for this week which I feel like it’s only gonna take me like a day or two to finish it because of the fast paced action. So stay tuned, keep an eye out for more posts, and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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