Reading Update: Unearthly Book 1

“He constantly lingers at the edges of my mind-except for those disorienting moments when he moves blindingly to center stage. I grow to know him through his shape in my mind’s eye. I know the sweep of his broad shoulders, his carefully disheveled hair, which is a dark, warm brown, long enough to cover his ears and brush against his collar in the back.

Clara in Unearthly Book 1 by Cynthia Hand

Geez this book is also making me feel things. It’s startling to me how many books are doing that lately. I don’t know if I’m becoming extra sensitive to stuff or if this is the new normal for me. I cried when I read the beginning of this book and now I’m like smiling like an idiot because there was yet another happy part. It’s hard to put into words how special this book series is to me but it’s special enough that I have it both on kindle and in my personal physical library as well. And as you know, I don’t add books to my physical library that often due to space issues. But it speaks volumes to me and I relate to Clara in so many ways. And I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the cast of characters. Right now Clara has just received her purpose as an Angel Blood and her mom and she and her little brother are all moving to the Midwest to find the boy hat that haunts her purposes visions. As she makes new friends and finds new enemies, her world is about to change forever. Ugh just thinking about the playlist that I’m making for this point in the book is exciting. When I think of this book all I think in is music. Notes. Heart songs. It’s passionate, stunning and very moody like. I highly recommend it. So until next time, stay bookish and happy reading. -Caroline

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