Overall Reading Update: Where I’m at with Each Series!

Hey all good morning! Hope you all are well. I’m going to posting every other day now so I can get multiple things done and not burn out when it comes to posting and just stuff in general. So anyways, this list is where I’m at in each series and I’ll be posting updates on as many series as possible today so keep a lookout for that. And without further ado, here’s the list! -Caroline

  • Wisdom Book 4 in the My Blood Approves Series: 16% done
  • The Van Alen Legacy Book 4 in the Blue Bloods Series: Done! Moving onto Book 5 Misguided Angel!
  • I love you so Mochi: 31% done
  • Whims of Fae Series: 29% done Book 2 Prisoner of Darkness
  • Unearthly Book 1: 4% done
  • Awakening Book 1 in the Watchers Trilogy: 21% done

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