Reading Update: The Van Alen Legacy: I Finished it! Thoughts and Feelings

Good morning guys! I just woke up but that’s because I stayed up most of the night and finished The Van Alen Legacy! It’s book 4 in the Blue Bloods Series and it was phenomenal. Seriously. I was mentally and physically exhausted after I finished it cause it was so emotional and yes guys. I actually cried while reading the last half of the book. Oh my goodness I CRIED. Like not like little tearing up here and there. Nah guys. Like full on sobs cause it was so sad and touching. 5/5 stars for this one. If I could give it 20 stars I would. It was awe inspiring and I’m like hesitant about starting the next book so soon because I have a book hangover from this one. So, I’ll probably end up finishing I Love You So Mochi and maybe another one before I get back to the 5th book in the series. I need time to process haha. Anyways, that’s my wrap up for book 4. It was great. Check it out. And as always, happy reading.

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