Reading Update: Prisoner of Darkness: Where I’m at and how I’m feeling about it

“But it was more than Raith knew before, though he suspected he somehow had Autumn Blood. How else would he have gotten power from nature?”

-Raith Chapter 3 Prisoner of Darkness Book 2 of the Whims of Fae Series

Guys! I’m really sorry, I apologize for not getting more posts out to you today but I figured I’d try and St least get this one out tonight. It’s been a really long, stressful day so I took a break kinda. Anyways, on to the reading update! I’m on the second book in the Whims of Fae series and things are getting crazy and intense and I love it. Drugs, sex, and booze. It’s all there all we’re missing is the rock and roll haha. It’s all very exciting and it’s all fae or fairy related so it’s just all that more crazier. So, last time I told you about how Raith and Scarlett has escaped from the Summer Court and now sought refuge in the UnSeelie Court or aka Night Court, where Kaelem the Night Court’s king has taken a special interest in Scarlett. And he also is leading Raith on a wild goose chase through the Autumn Court’s forest because he claims to have information about Raith’s real mom who was apparently an Autumn Fae instead of a Summer Fae like he always believed. And not to mention, Scarlett is now fully Fae after taking a pill that Kaelem gave her that not only saved her life but also gave her full on Fae powers. Of which she can’t control. Which is why she’s seeking help from Kaelem to control them before she ends up hurting those she loves. Including Raith. Cause remember, her and Raith got together in the last book and they’re bonded now. Like I said, all very exciting. Except Kaelem is blackmailing Scarlett so he can save his sister who’s been captured and held hostage by the Winter Court. Who’s Queen is insane. Just so you know. Haha Anyways. right now, Cade has just discovered that Raith and Scarlett are alive and in the UnSeelie Court and they’re all at the Winter Solstice Ball and things are just getting worse, yeah? Yeah. This book is definitely a wild ride so far and I’m excited and on the edge of my seat to see what happens next. 5/5 stars on the Goodreads scale for sure so far. So, until next time, stay tuned, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

“Raith closed his eyes and felt the magic around him. In front of him he felt spring roses and summer sand. Behind him, Winter ice and autumn leaves. He knew the way he must go.”

Raith Chapter 3 Prisoner of Darkness Book 2 in the Whims of Fae Series

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