Reading update and Intro to Wisdom Book 4 in the My Blood Approves Series

“It just didn’t seem possible that Jane could be dead. With all the stuff she had been into lately, I always half expected her death, but I never really believed it would be real.

Alice in Chapter 3 of Wisdom book 4 in the My Blood Approves Series

So where do I even start with this one? It’s book 4 in the series. Next to last. And it starts out with Mae turning a child into a vampire who has an uncontrollable bloodlust, making her and Peter move to Australia to raise the forever child vampire while Ezra, Alice, Jack and Milo are all left in the terrifying wake. Not to mention that Jane is murdered randomly in the first couple of chapters and I’m all like….What. Excuse me. I don’t remember this. Ha Anyways, so this book is tons more gory, and much more stressful with tensions and negative excitement running at an all time high. Still a bit laugh out loud funny at some small parts. But for the most part it’s a horror fest so far. So be prepared. It’s gonna get rough. And how do I feel about it? I think it’s crazy but also crazy good. It’s great stuff. I’m up for a little gore now and then. Yeah it works. I approve so far. Also, after this post today I’m probably gonna take a break from posting more until later tonight. I’m tired and it’s been a steady stream of posts all day. So stay tuned, get ready and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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