New Series Intro: Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand!

Guys! I decided on the Unearthly series for our next series on the blog to fill the spot where we just finished the Thousandth Floor Trilogy! Cause you all know I love yo multi task read so I always have at least four series going at once. And this one, we’re switching gears to something similar to the Watchers Trilogy which I’m in the middle of reading The Awakening, book 1. That series focuses on a type of fallen angels and this new series, Unearthly does too but just in a different way. So stay tuned for the new Dream cast post for this series and a new General Aesthetics post as well. I’m so excited to reread this series. It’s one of the few series that not only do I own in kindle form but also in Hardback form in my personal library. You know that if I have it in Hardback it’s special. So get ready, get hyped and until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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