Reading Update: The Towering Sky Book 3 in the Thousandth Floor Trilogy: Where I’m at and how I’m feeling about it

I wish that I could find my way forward. That I could feel like myself again, she thought fiercely. Then, with a wordless sort of desperation, she threw the wisher into the water. It instantly erupted into a shower of bubbles.”

The Towering Sky Book 3 in the Thousandth Floor Series By Kathrine McGee Calliope chapter

Oh goodness guys everything in this book for these characters is unraveling all around them. All they’ve ever known is being destroyed and no one is safe and everything is fair game. Avery can’t figure out how to get Atlas out of her head, Calliope is falling for Brice and Brice has some sort of ulterior motives, Watt and Leda are never getting back together if you ask me, and Rylin and Cord are cheating behind Hyril’s back. Geez. Can you say drama?! And, what was up with the prologue saying Avery was going to fling herself off the tower?! I’m so confused but completely in love with everything that’s going on. This book still rates a solid 5/5 stars on the GoodReads scale for me. I’m dying to know how it ends. It’s gotta go out with a bang, ya know? It needs it. I crave that sort of ending for this series. If not I’m gonna be so mad. Haha Anyways, next up is an update on Wisdom book 4 of the My Blood Approves series! So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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