Reading Update: The Awakening Book 1 in the Watchers Trilogy!: Where I’m at and How I’m feeling about it

“I decided to take his advice and trust my gut. “Do you know that you often answer my questions before I ask them?”

“How would I know what you’re going to ask before you ask it? Don’t you think we could just be in tune? Maybe we’re on the same wavelength in the universe.”

“Right. Because that’s how it works,” I teased.”

The Awakening Book 1 in the Watchers Trilogy by Karice Bolton Chapter 7

Oh my goodness guys this book is giving me insanely warm and fuzzy feelings while I read it! It’s so cozy and romantic. The winter Whistler scenery is a big help as well. Right now, Anna is on her first double date with Athen and his family and she’s discovering that there may be more to Athen than meets the eye. Every time she’s with them, they glow angelically. Literally. And they always seem to know what she’s thinking. And why does it seem like she’s known them for a lot longer than a day? More like a lifetime….It’s like she’s a perfect fit for they’re family unit and she doesn’t know how or why. But it’s comfortable, safe and right where she ought to be. But other things are at works as Anna’s nightmares intensify and they show Athen and his family in a very familiar yet disturbing light. And what’s with the missing hikers disappearing in the area? Could it be her beloved Athen and his family or something much more sinister lurking around the snowy wonderland of Whistler? So far, I remember exactly why this is on my fav teen reads list. This is amazing. It’s cozy yet exciting. It makes my heart thump out of my chest and the snowy vista scenery is way more than I could’ve ever imagined. Solid 5/5 rating right now on the Goodreads scale for me. And we’re only just getting started. So stay tuned and until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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