Spring Reading Tunes Playlist!

In honor of Easter, Spring time the beginning of Summer, whatever haha I have made a playlist of reading tunes that fit my mood for spring themed stuff. It might not exactly be spring related each time but it was my mood when I thought of springy stuff so there ya go. Anyways, the list is down below. Enjoy. -Caroline

  • She’s A WildFlower-Lauren Alaina
  • Barefoot and BuckWild-Lauren Alaina
  • WildHorse-RaeLynn
  • Festival-RaeLynn
  • Tailgate-RaeLynn
  • Castle on the Hill-Ed Sheeran
  • Harujuku Girls- Gwen Stefani
  • I Love Yous- Hailee Steinfeld
  • Watermelon Sugar-Harry Styles
  • Double Rainbow- Katy Perry
  • International Smile- Katy Perry
  • Malibu- Miley Cyrus
  • Believe- Nightcore
  • Joy Story- Nightcore

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