Reading update: The Towering Sky: Where I’m at and how I’m feeling about it

Hey all! Good afternoon. So this is an update for The Towering Sky where we left off last time from book 2 Such Dazzling Heights. As I said in the intro, it’s a big murder mystery basically but instead of focusing on Eris’s Murder like before, now we’re focusing on the death of Eris’s lover Mauriel who mysteriously drowned in the river one night after everyone returned from the big grand opening in Dubai. Atlas is now in charge of the tower in Dubai while everyone else is left scrambling trying to figure out who killed Mauriel and who she told about their involvement in Eris’s death. As we saw in the prologue, Avery eventually jumps off the tower. But why? And what brought her to that decision? And what happens to her German boyfriend who she brought back from the UK? And will Leda and Watt solve the mystery of not only the murder but also their relationship with one another? And what about Cord and Rylin and how their relationship abruptly ended after Rylin kisses the academy’s film instructor? Will she stay with her extra Hiral or is there hope for her and Cord? And what of Calliope and how her mom is getting married to the billionaire topsider and how her new step sister knows her secrets? I don’t know but we’ll find out. Stay tuned for more updates and next up will be an update for the Blood Bloods book 3 Revelations. (Since I forgot about it yesterday) And as always, happy reading.

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