Intro/First Impressions: Flutter Book 3 in the My Blood Approves Series

Good evening guys! I’m sorry it took me like two to three days to get this posted but I was super busy. Anyways, this is the intro post to Flutter which is the third book in the My Blood Approves Series! I started it already and am about 20% done with it so far so still very much at the beginning. In this book, it starts off with Alice waking up from being turned by Jack and finding out that her bond with Peter has been severed. Peter, she discovers left but only to also found out from Ezra that days after she turned, Peter has decided to go on a suicide mission to get himself noticed by governing vampires and killed. Alice feels responsible for Peter’s grief over the breaking of the bond, and against everyone else’s wishes, she goes with Ezra on a trip across the world to try and save Peter from dying. Now it’s been a very long time since I’ve read this so I’m not sure quite what happens next but I’m at the point where she’s on the plane and finding out where in the world they’re off to to try to save Peter essentially from himself. First impressions for me were kinda rough to be honest. If it were me, I’d let Peter go and be happy that I was with Jack but apparently Alice feels differently much to my irritation…I really was looking forward to some fluffy cute vampire scenes between her and Jack and now I feel like that’s being completely ignored and making it out to be like she has something with Peter. Which she doesn’t. At least I think. I don’t know. It’s a bit confusing. All I remember is the general feel of the series gets much, much darker after awhile. But I’m still looking forward to reading it. Next up, is a general Aesthetics post for Flutter and a new general Aesthetics post for The Towering Sky book 3 in the Thousandth Floor Trilogy. So get hyped. Be ready. And happy reading. -Caroline

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