Whims of Fae Intro and First Impressions

Whims of Fae by Nissa Leder

Good afternoon guys! So remember I said I was adding two new series to the list that I was reading? Well this is the other one. The Whims of Fae Series by Nissa Leder. This is a fairly new series for me as in I’ve never read it before and I know that this is technically a teen reread but I thought I’d throw in some maybe that I would’ve liked as a teen as well. So, what’s this series about? Fairies in a fairyland. Or as they’re called here, Fae. If you think it’s gonna be a cutesy fairy story then you’re wrong. Because this is by far the darkest freakin fairy story I think I’ve ever dabbled in. It starts off with the main character, an eighteen year old named Scarlett who just lost her schizophrenic mom to suicide. Yes I know I told you it’s dark. It only gets darker from there. Scarlett goes to the cemetery to visit her mother’s grave and is spotted by Cade who is a Summer Fae. He has the ability to gain fairy powers by feeding off strong human emotion. And when he feels Scarlett’s grief he knows he absolutely must have her. So he follows her and drugs her and tells her that he’ll take away her pain. But at a price. She must stay in his fairy realm until he duels his older brother Raith for the right to rule as Summer King. But Cade is not the only Summer Prince who’s taken with Scarlett. Raith becomes enamored with her as well and makes a bargain with her that if she stays until after the battle he’ll set her free. But there’s something different about Scarlett. Cade thinks she’s an average human who’s suffered a devastating loss. But Raith knows she’s much more. And definitely not fully human. For Scarlett is part Fae. Unseelie Fae to be exact. The Fae from a darker realm that have pure dark magic in their blood. But dies Scarlett know this? And will she ever make it home and be a normal girl ever again? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. Below is the Dream Cast for Whims of Fae. I put it here because it’s such a small amount of characters right now. So enjoy. And next up will be a General Aesthetics Post. So keep an eye out. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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