Okay Another Book Haul

So I may have gone on a book buying spree because well…Just because. I won’t go into details about why but it has a lot to do with self care and mental health so yeah I guess that’s why. I got three boxes sets from one of my fav authors, Melanie Cellier. She’s an author who writes clean teen fiction mainly fairytale story retellings. Aka lots of princess stories. It’s another guilty pleasure of mine. Fairytale retellings. So yeah. Got some of those. Already hooked on the first book. It’s making me feel so much better. Cause let’s face it, fairytales do that. They make us happy. They make us believe everything will be okay. That’s why I love them. So, that will be what I spend the rest of my afternoon doing. Going back and forth between fairytale retelling sets and some other series on my master read list. So, stay tuned and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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