Reading Update: Blue Bloods Book 2: Masquerade: I Finished It!

Eeek! Guys I finished it! Book 2 in the Blue Bloods series is done and now moving onto Book 3, Revelations! The second book ended just as I thought it would. Complete plot twisty type of surprise abs no I won’t ruin it for you but let me say it was better then a piece of chocolate cake. It was like…gosh I have no idea. But you get the point. There was drama, romantic fireworks and then some. Oh yes. Things are getting yummy. Very much so. I’d say this book is def a 5/5 on the good reads scale for me. I highly recommend it. I’m already on like page 10 of the third book because let’s be honest….Yummy book? Yes please! Anywho, I decided that for the Blue Bloods series, I’m going to be posting the full playlist that I’ve created for Reading Tunes when I finish the entire series so I don’t repeat myself over and over. Cause broken records are no fun. (I would know as an avid listener of records) But until then, stay tuned and as always, happy reading. Book 3 cover preview is down below. Enjoy. -Caroline

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