Reading Update: Blue Bloods Book 2: Masquerade

Oh my goodness guys! I’m about more than half way through this book and it’s magnificent! I believe last time I posted I gave a kinda introduction to the series cause it’s so hard to explain but wow guys. It’s just gotten way harder to explain and super juicy with lots of drama and mystery and ugh…I’m eating it up like chocolate cake…So I think the last time I posted I said Schuyler was looking for her grandfather, the professor in Venice with her best friend and conduit (human familiar) Oliver. She ends up finding him and at first he doesn’t agree to help her with the silver bloods problem back in New York but then suddenly shows up a few days after they return and claims that he’ll finally help her. Then a mysterious new guy comes to school with the blue blood trend named Kingsley and he’s got some weird connection to Lucifer or the silver bloods I think. I’m not sure. Jacks still in love with Schuyler and Schuyler is still in love with Jack and the bombshell they just dropped? Charles Force, Jack and Mimi’s father and Conclave elder is going to adopt and yes I said ADOPT Schuyler! I know right? Wow. So how’s that gonna go over with Mimi and Jack? I don’t know but it’s weird and kinda creepy and I’m loving it. So how does the professor, Kingsley and even Bliss fit into all of this? And let’s not forget Oliver. Oh my….Things are about to get good. So stay tuned and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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