My Blood Approves Series Intro and First Impressions

My Blood Approves By Amanda Hocking

Guys! Like I said I was adding more series to the long list that I’m currently reading and this is one of them. This is Amanda Hocking’s My Blood Approves Series! Yeah! It’s super awesome and the first thing I’ll say about it is it’s exactly like how Twilight should’ve been. Lol Yes I’m serious. Like almost same scenario but just way more badass and better. And no woe is me Bella either. The main girl, Alice can fend for herself and give you a laugh at the same time. But yeah. It’s the whole family of vampires discovers one of them has a human mate, human mate is almost eighteen. Vampires eventually take girl on wild rollercoaster vampire adventure. Romance, drama, and intrigue. Now, I was one of the many teens who was obsessed with Twilight when it was around and I admit, it’s still one of my favs. I own the entire series in hardback. But guys. I have to say, even though I love Twilight the My Blood Approves Series is everything it’s not and should’ve been. It’s amazing and I wholeheartedly will say it’s much better than Twilight. By a landslide. All the great things that we really wanted in Twilight are in this series. So, stay tuned and gear up for another wild ride. And as always, happy reading.

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