My Blood Approves: Dream Cast/Overview

As promised, here is the Dream Cast/Overview Post for My Blood Approves. So where do I start? I guess we’ll start by saying this series is about a girl named Alice who lives in Minnesota with her mom and little brother Milo. She has a best friend Jane who gets her into all sorts of trouble. One night, Jane tries to take them clubbing but they end up being spotted by a group of strange men who chase them into a parking garage. Jane hides and Alice, frozen in fear thinks it’s the end but then a car pulls in front of her and a young 20 something guy gets out of the car and saves both her and Jane. She learns the guy is named Jack who Jane is completely enamored with as well as every other woman that sees him, but Alice is not. She doesn’t understand why all women are drawn to Jack. To her, he seems like a normal guy. Someone who wears chuck Taylor’s, band shirts and enjoys local night life. He’s cute but she doesn’t see what others see in him. And that’s why Jack likes her. He’s immediately drawn to Alice and he doesn’t know why. It turns out, Jack and his family, Ezra, Mae and Peter are all vampires and they believe that Jacks vampire blood has chosen Alice as his mate or rather, his blood approves of her. So what happens next? I won’t spoil it. But it’s a great series and I hope you guys check it out because it’s everything and then some. I’ll be doing reading updates as I go along. I’m almost finished with the first book so I’ll start doing more updates around the second book I think. So be prepared and get hyped. We’re going on another bookish adventure. And until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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