Dream Cast Post: My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life:Who I’d Cast As Elle

Michelle Phan as Elle

So the main character of this book is a girl named Elle and the background story is she’s sent into foster care because her mother has a drug addiction that sent her to prison and on her sixteenth birthday, Elle finds out that her birth father is a hotel mogul in Japan and that he wants her to come and live with him in his high rise in Japan. She’s stunned and she agrees to get out of the foster care system. And so begins her journey into the Tokyo socialite scene and elite boarding school drama. I’d cast Michelle Phan as Elle. I think she’s glamorous enough to play her and to play her well. I can already envision her in the story. So that’s who I chose for Elle. I haven’t really read far enough for other characters yet but more posts will come. So until then, stay tuned and happy reading. -Caroline

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