The Towering Sky: Thoughts and First Impressions

Guys! Good afternoon. Today I’m starting the final book in the Thousandth Floor Series, The Towering Heights. I’m super excited cause I’m already at like chapter 2 and it’s just…Wow. Like really wow. There’s a freakin death on the first page and its a major character too! And then it works backwards from there telling how they got to that point. No spoilers as to who though. You’ll have to read it yourself to do four that one. But all I can say is it’s big! I kinda saw it coming but at the same time I wasn’t sure if it was gonna go that route. But it did. And I’m thrilled because it’s got me hooked from the very first page. So be prepared, friends. The fun is just starting. Next up will be a general Aesthetics Post for this book so keep an eye out. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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