Hmm…My Thoughts Lately On ARC Reading….

So guys, I was thinking just now about possibly doing some ARC reviews this week. I don’t know. Maybe delving into some ARC’s as well as reading and reviewing the series that we’re working our way through might be nice. I’m looking for more of a challenge and I think ARC reviews really do that for me. Now, keep in mind I wouldn’t be able to review the ARCs that I read on here until they were published, but with that said I could always do that. I’m thinking about it anyways. I’m not entirely sure. That would require a little more work on my part and although I’m up for it, it’ll still be a lot to handle. But I’ve missed reviewing ARCs ever since I stopped a few months ago and I knew I was gonna get back into it at some point. So yeah. Those are my thoughts. What are yours on the matter? ARC reviews or no ARC reviews? That is the question. -Caroline

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