Bunheads: Final Thoughts/Feelings: I Finished It

“The children hush as I enter and take my place at the front of the class. “Ladies and gentlemen,” I Say. Please take your places at the barre and show me your first position.” There is a mad dash for spots, and then thirty pairs of eyes are staring at me, waiting to see what I’ll do next. It is an utterly different kind of audience from the one I’m used to, and I feel my stomach flutter nervously. But I straighten my spine and smile. “Very good,” I say, “Now take a deep breath. Let’s dance.”

Hannah Ward in Bunheads Epilogue by Sophie Flack

Guys! Happy day after Valentines Day! But great news! I finished Bunheads! I’m so excited. It was a great book and I love that I own it so I can go back to it all the time. In the end, Hannah chose to leave the Manhattan Ballet for a normal life with Jacob, in college and as a children’s ballet instructor. I thought it was a bit sad that it was all or nothing with her friends and that she’d never see them again but I think it was still a beautiful ending. I’m glad she chose what she did. It makes much more sense. This book is a 5/5 on the good reads scale for me and I highly recommend it to an audience of all ages. It’s perfect and it’s def on my favs list. So what’s next? Hmmm…I’m thinking I’ll start Prep next as the side book and then continue with all the series we’re doing. Which I’ve made a bit of headway with over the past few days. And yes I forgot in my last post to mention I’m still reading the Blue Bloods series as well. So that’s like four series and a side book that I will be starting today. So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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