Valentines Week Book Haul!

Hey guys! Happy Valentines Week! Tomorrow’s the big day. I don’t have any plans but to be cozy and read all day. I’m sorry for lack of posts but there will be many more in the works. This post is a small book haul post. I got two books from the library, and two from Barnes and Noble. The library ones are: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis and Various Positions by Martha Schabas. The two books I bought are from my fav author Nora Roberts. They’re her Shelter in Place and Irish Thoroughbred. I started one of them and it’s been fantastic as like a little side venture. And I definitely will be finishing up Bunheads tonight along with going further with the Trylle series first book, The Thousandth Floor book 3 and the watchers series book 1. Looking forward to continuing all of the series this week. Until then, stay tuned and happy reading. P.S. expect an update sometime tonight or tomorrow. -Caroline

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