The Watchers Trilogy: Intro and First Impressions

Hey guys! It’s time to start yet another crazy, bookish adventure! I hope you’re ready for it cause you know I am! This time we’re going to be delving into The Watchers Trilogy by Karice Bolton which is all about things I love. Romance, Fallen Angels, War, Family, Sacrifice, and of course Snowy Wonderlands. It takes place in Canada in a snowy little ski resort town and the main character Anna is young and and simple. She’s in her early 20’s. She’s a waitress at the local pub. And she’s just…plain. Until one day that all changes. She meets Aspen and his wonderful family. His sister and his brother in law. The three are kind hearted and warm towards Anna which is something she hasn’t really experienced since her parents were taken from her in a terrible car accident. Together, Aspen and Anna and his family create a solid friendship and even more so between Aspen and Anna. Love is in the air. As well as other things in this snowy resort town. Because all is not what it seems and Anna and Aspen have quite a long history dating back hundreds of years. Aspen and his family are fallen angels and Anna and Aspen are mates. Anna was taken from them a long time ago and they had only just found her and can start the reintroduction process for her into her life being not only a fallen angel, but Aspens mate. It’s a romance you won’t want to miss as they not only fight for their love but also their lives as a war of fallen angels is soon coming on the horizon. This is by far one of my favs. And I can’t wait to start this journey once again with you all. Stay tuned for more updates and a always, happy reading. -Caroline

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