Reading Update: The Dazzling Heights: I Finished It! Final Thoughts and Reactions

And yet another one I’ve finished guys! That’s like my second book I’ve finished within three days! Woo! I love reading. It makes me so happy. So, the second book in the Thousandth Floor Series was great. I was wowed by the ending. I won’t spoil all the secrets and drama for you all but it’s definitely worth the read. Next will be the last book in the Thousandth Floor Series and I’m super excited about finishing yet another great series. I would give the second book a 5/5 on the goodreads scale cause it was seriously excellent. I look forward to seeing what happens next. It ought to be another wild ride. Nobody’s safe in this next book. Everyone is fair game. Next up, I’ll be figuring out what to start next. I’m thinking another series. Possibly the Watchers Trilogy. And that’s gonna mean I’m doing like four series at once but you know what, life’s short. Read when and while you can, right? So four series it is. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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