Reading and Master List for 2020 Teen Reread Update: There’s More. Much More.

Guys. Guys. I decided to add more books to the 2020 Teen Reread agenda. This will probably most definitely extend into the second half of 2020 but that’s okay. I’m all in. You hear that guys? All in. So here’s the updates to the list. These down below are what I’ve added in addition to the ones I’ve mentioned I’ll be reading already so get excited. Get hyped. And check it out. -Caroline

  • The Watchers Series-Karice Bolton
  • My Blood Approves Series-Amanda Hocking
  • Jessica Rules the Darkside Series-Beth Fantaskey 
  • The Iron Fey Series-Julie Kagawa
  • Whims of Fae Series-Nissa Leder
  • Royal Replicas Series-Michael Pierce
  • Lone City Trilogy-Amy Ewing
  • The Hollows Series-Amanda Hocking
  • Finding Audrey-Sophie Kinsella
  • The Princess and the Fangirl-Ashley Poston
  • Dead Beautiful Series-Yvonne Woon
  • Need Pixies Series-Carrie Jones
  • Abandon Series-Meg Cabot
  • The Gray Wolves Series-Quinn Loftis
  • NightShade Series-Andrea Cremer
  • Shiver Series-Maggie Stiefvater
  • Starcrossed Series-Josephine Angelini 

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