Blue Bloods Series: Overview/Breakdown/Dream Cast

I know. I know. It’s about time and I’m well into the second book of the series so I should’ve posted an overview sort of thing by now but wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about it so here we are. The Blue Bloods overview/dream cast post. Yup. I will try and keyword here is try, to break down the specifics of the series and if you’ve read this one you know it usually doesn’t make much sense and also is incredibly complicated but I’ll try. Let’s start off with the Dream Cast and then I’ll go from there.

Dreamcast for the Blue Bloods series
  • Schuyler is the main character of this series. She’s also the main girl love interest with her equal love interest Jack Force, Mimi Force’s “twin”
Mimi Force
  • Mimi Force is main lover boys secret lover, his “twin”. And when I say twin I use that term very, very loosely because in vampire terms they technically aren’t related so it’s not as weird as it sounds. She’s also one of Schuyler’s main enemies and very jealous of her “twins” affection for the main character.
Jack Force
  • Where do I begin with Jack Force other than he’s the pair for Schuyler and he’s the main male love interest. Also Mimi’s “twin.” Remember I said that wasn’t weird…
  • Bliss is a friend of both Mimi and Schuyler but more on Mimi’s side at this point. Some weird stuff is happening with her too which is more like a side story
  • Schuylers best friend and conduit which in these terms means kinda like her human servant if you will but nicer and less weird. Also he’s hopelessly in love with her so theres that too.
The professor
  • Schuylers grandfather who her grandmother sent her to find at the end of the last book. He’s in Venice Italy and things about to get seriously more complicated and interesting

So how do all these characters fit together? Well I probably won’t do the series much justice by this explanation but it’s the best I could do. Schuyler is a rich manhattan vampire who didn’t know she was a vampire and who belonged to a secret society run by Jack and Mimi Force’s parents. Everyone in said secret society date back all the way to Plymouth on the MayFlower. Secret society is up against a war with an ancient bad type of vampire that keeps killing off their kind. Schuyler finds out truth of said war and well everything goes to hell in a hand basket. And her grandmother sends her to Venice where she’s currently at asking her grandfather for help in the war against the bad vampires. Complicated, yeah? Yeah. Anyways, so stay tuned for more updates where hopefully I’ll do a slightly better job of explaining the context of this series. And until then, happy reading.-Caroline

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