Reading Update: Switched Book 1 of the Trylle Series: Where I’m At and How I’m Feeling About It

These weren’t clues one way or another, and deep down I knew that. My whole life was now one giant question, and I was desperate for answers.”

Wendy in chapter 4 of Switched by Amanda Hocking

Oh my. Where do I start with that quote? Finn just broke the news to Wendy last chapter that Wendy is indeed what she always feared which is a Changling. And by that in the simplest terms, she never did or would belong. In life, in her family, etc. So after Wendy finds out that she’s a Changling she denies it to Finn and knows that she has her doubts even though she thought that he was lying. So, she does the unthinkable. She visits her estranged mother in the asylum to ask her her thoughts on the matter. And boy, does her so called mother deliver. She tells Wendy the same thing as Finn but in a much more cruel manner. And Wendy is devastated. Not only does she finally believe it but she doesn’t want to accept her fate. She doesn’t want to go with Finn back to the Trylle compound but soon sees she has no other choice when the enemies of the Trylle start attacking her and her family. So to save her family, she agrees to go back to live at the Trylle compound and whew…that’s a lot to take in. But her real adventure starts now. So get ready. Get hyped. And next up will be a Dazzling Heights reading update so stay tuned. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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