Blue Bloods Series: First Impressions and how I feel About It

Guys…Let me just start off saying….I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I loved it so much I finished the first one in ONE evening! It was amazing. The plot line is long and complicated so I’ll just let you in on the very basics. New York, Vampire Story, Kinda Mean Girls Kinda High School Romance. Big Drama. Yeah. My type of story this year apparently. Ha. Yeah. Anywho, the main character, I have a hard time pronouncing her name so we’ll just say main character girl for now; she finds out she’s a vampire that dates back to the Plymouth stuff and her friends and enemies are too. Big drama. Posh, posh, posh. And, that’s like the first book plot right there. Like I said, it’s complicated and sometimes a bit creepy but you kinda either like it or you don’t. First time I read it I hated it. This time I’m obsessed with it. So much that I got the whole series on my kindle and if you know me, then you know that’s a rare thing. So, it’s good. Really good. If you have specific questions about characters, plot etc. just ask. I’ll answer for you. But otherwise some stuff we’ll gloss over cause it’s so complicated. The other series are more cut and dry. This is fairly meaty of a story. But it’s good eating. Let me tell you. I’d rate the first book def a 5/5 on the goodreads scale. I will be more detailed about the other books in the series if I can find a good way to explain them. I also will be doing character dream casts and aesthetics and playlists. So stay tuned. And get hyped. And as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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