Reading and Change of Plans Update: Let’s Throw Another Series Into The Mix

Yup. You guys guessed it. We’re gonna be throwing yet another series into the mix which makes like 4 or 5 different books that I’m reading right now simultaneously but hey the more the merrier right? Right! So, the series I’m adding into the mix is….Blue Bloods! By Melissa De La Cruz. Woo! Exciting isn’t it?! I’m excited for sure. I’m on page 13 of the first book already. Now since there’s seven books in the series this will be one of the more longer endeavors I take on. It’ll be a kinda continuous project. So, what that means is I’ll probably give sporadic updates on it so we can continue and finish the ones we’re already working on too. But yes. All the good stuff with this series too. Aesthetics, playlists. And much more. So get ready. Get hyped. And happy reading. -Caroline

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