Reading update: The Crown: Where I’m At And How I’m Feeling About It

“I’m surprised it’s worked so well in the past. I don’t want to sound rude, but it does seem a bit unfair.” I nodded. “That’s exactly what I said when the idea was presented to me. But they insisted that I try, so…” “So….this wasn’t your idea?” I froze. “Did you even want it to happen?” There’s a chill that runs down your back when you realize you’ve been caught in a lie.

Eikko and Eadlyn in Chapter 7 of The Crown by Kiera Cass

Good evening guys! So here’s an update for The Crown. So far I’m up to Chapter 7 and it’s a glorious book and it’s getting very juicy indeed. It’s all very exciting as Eadlyn’s relationships with each of the Elite heats up, her mother recovers from her heart attack and Eikko finds out the truth about the Selection. That the Selection is actually a distraction for the people and that Eadlyn didn’t really want it at all. And Ahren didn’t show up after America’s heart attack which looks super bad for not only him in terms of the monarchy but as his role as a son and sibling. Eadlyn is finally relaxing into the Selection and may actually be falling in love but with who? And why is Marid Illea showing up out of the blue wanting to be the apple of Eadlyns eye? It’s all very mysterious and will get much worse before it gets better. Remember the storm before the rainbow kinda thing? Yeah. Me neither but that’s what this is. Things for Eadlyn will definitely decline into worst case scenario before there’s a happy ending. And the decline has already started. And we’re not even halfway through yet. So stay tuned as I read on. Next update will be on The Dazzling Heights so get ready, get hyped and happy reading. -Caroline

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