Reading Update: Bunheads: Where I’m At And How I’m Feeling About It

When we huddle together in the back corner, I hear the girls panting around me. Though we might look like snowflakes, we are flesh and blood humans struggling to get enough oxygen. I smile at Bea, and she smiles back. Even though we’ve performed this part over a hundred times, there’s always something magical about the snow and the music, and about dancing with your friends.”

Excerpt from Bunheads by Sophie Flack page 93

Hey guys, good morning. Well, I’ve finally made it to the Winter Season chapters in Bunheads which is chapter 13 onward till Spring Season. I’m really enjoying not only the little drama like parts but also just all the mentions of the beauty of ballet and the dance world. In these next few chapters, Hannah spends Christmas with her friends in Zoe’s luxury manhattan apartment and she’s saddened to find out that when she finally has time to have a date with her college crush Jacob, he doesn’t have time for her. Instead, she ends up earning the affections of a mysterious balletmande who is a ballet maniac named Matt who’s rich, handsome and very interested in both her and her performances. Her friends are divided when it comes to her two love interests. Some think she should wait for Jacob, the normal college student who first caught her eye. But Zoe, her glamorous best friend thinks she should dump Jacob and spend more time with the mysterious Matt who seems too good to be true. And as practice for the shows of Winter Season heat up, which love will she end up choosing? Her girlish love interests, or her ballet career? Stay tuned for more updates as we delve further into Winter Season of the Manhattan Ballet. And until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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