First Impressions/Feelings: The Dazzling Heights Book 2 in the Thousandth Floor Trilogy

It would be several hours before the girl’s body was found. It was late now; so late that it could once again be called early-that surreal, enchanted, twilight hour between the end of the party and the unfurling of a new day. The hour when reality grows dim and hazy at the edges when nearly anything is possible.”

Excerpt from the Prologue of The Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee

Well guys, good evening. I thought that excerpt was a powerful example of how emotional and beautiful the start of this book is. It starts with Eris, floating face down dead in the waters that surround the Tower’s base. It’s tragically beautiful. It made me cry like ugly cry. And then from then on it goes to tell about the days after her death. The months. How her friends and family and girlfriend deal with the loss of the once heiress. Like I said it’s all a very tragically beautiful murder mystery type of thing. Because there were witnesses to Eris’s death. And sooner or later, one of them will crack and let it out who the killer of Eris was. Who pushed her off the Tower’s roof that night at the party. It’s stunning and emotionally gripping. Way more than the first book. I have to say I’m very impressed. We’ll see if that continues. Stay tuned for more reading updates and next up will be first impressions of the first book in the Trylle series, Switched. So get ready, get hyped, and happy reading.

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