The Trylle Series Book 1: First Impressions/Feelings

Guys! Hello again. Cheers to starting yet another new series! This one is especially near and dear to my heart and I’ve loved it since I was like 14! Yeah so this is the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking and it’s fabulous. Let me give you a cliff notes version of an introduction. It’s about this lovely but very stubborn and kinda…difficult personality girl named Wendy who finds out long story short that she’s a changling which is a baby who is switched at birth for a human baby. And she finds out she’s not human, but Trylle which is a fancy word in this series for Troll. Yes, troll. Not like pink haired lalalala blah. No. These slightly green tinted skin beings look human and love the earth. They’re beautiful and it turns out that Wendy, is actually the queen of the Trylle kingdoms daughter. Making her the Trylle princess. And to get down to it: war, love interests, love triangles, really cool magic, royalty. The whole nine yards. So get ready, get set, we’re doing this. Dream Casting posts for the new series will be up next so stay tuned and happy reading. -Caroline

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