Reading Update: The Heir: I Finished It!

Picture edit by the_selection_series_fan_ all credit goes to them for this awesome edit

Oh my gosh guys I just finished the first book The Heir which is The Selections spin-off Series! It was unbelievably amazing and I’d give it 5/5 stars on the Good Reads scale. Ugh it was so beautiful how Eadlyn realizes she’s not actually falling for Henri but for his translator, Erik or Eikko as we now know. I would personally fall for him too. He’s def my fav out of all the boys except maybe Kile cause he’s Miss Marlee’s son. And everyone loves Miss Marlee! It’s a proven fact. And at the end when something bad happens to America, oh my gosh I literally started crying right then and there. There were tear drops on my books pages. (Yikes for the book but oh my gosh the feels!) It was so beautiful how Eadlyn realized how much power she has and how she can also use it to love someone. Ugh my heart…Well guys, next up we’ll be starting the second and final book in the Selection series and series spin off, The Crown. So get ready, get hyped. And happy reading. -Caroline

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