Reading Update/First Impressions: So I Did Another Thing…

Hey everyone! Good evening. So I’ll just get right to it. I know I said I’d take a break from The Thousandth Floor series but well…I just HAD to see what the second book was like. And well…I like it. A lot. It’s like a big murder mystery with lots of secrets and drama and I’m just living for it, ya know? So, in addition to the second book, The Dazzling Heights, I will be reading other books alongside that just like we talked about. Down below is gonna be the list so check it out and stay tuned for more updates! -Caroline

  • The Heir (Finishing tonight)
  • The Crown (Starting tonight)
  • The Dazzling Heights (ongoing)
  • The Trylle Series book 1: Switched (Starting tonight)
  • Bunheads (ongoing)

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