Dream Cast Post: The Trylle Series Main Characters

Dream Cast inspiration board

Hey guys good morning! It’s super early here but I figured why not start bright and early with a Dream Cast post for the Trylle series? This inspiration board that I put together I did like five years ago but it works just the same. I have multiple boards for this series because I honestly can’t get enough of it. Main character is Wendy. Her two love interests are Finn and Loki. Finn shows up in the first couple of chapters but Loki takes some time to appear. Personally, my fav in the whole series is Loki. I think we’re quite alike in many ways. Personality wise and just thinking in general. The other two on this board are Wendy’s adopted family, her older brother Matt and Aunt Maggie. They appear heavily in the first few chapters but not much else except in the later books. I’ll try and put up mood boards for characters as they’re introduced, so stay tuned. -Caroline

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