Reading Update: The Thousandth Floor Feelings and Conclusion of Book 1

Well guys, that’s it for The Thousandth Floor series Book 1. I finished it tonight and admittedly skipped a few chapters to get there and I’ll tell you why. It got boring after awhile with the same He Said She Said type of drama and I can’t believe that it went for that many chapters with the same type of thing going on….It was a yikes for the last couple of chapters. Some highlights included, but *not spoilers* one of the girls having an affair with one of the other girl’s fathers, one girl kills another girl, there’s some lesbian action and well….Everything goes to heck in a hand basket if you ask me. There’s nothing that really says, “I really wanna read this again sometime soon” to me. I mean it was good. But not great. And, I know I usually read series book by book but in this case there was so much drama that I’m going to take a break from this particular series and start the Trylle series book 1 instead. It’s called Switched and it’s a really fun series that’s also very near and dear to my heart. And yes, I have read through this series many, many times since I was a teen and it’s fantastic. I’m sure if you picked it up, you’d love it too. Whoever you are. So, that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna continue with The Heir series, Bunheads and also start the Trylle Series. So get excited, get hyped, and happy reading. -Caroline

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