Reading Update: The Thousandth Floor: Where I’m At And How I’m feeling About It

“You have no idea what I’m going through, okay? Eris shot back. “You don’t know what it’s like to have your family-your entire world-just fall apart .”

Eris to Mariel on page 138 of The Thousandth Floor by Kathrine McGee

Hey guys, good afternoon. It’s a busy day here for me so I’ll try and get out as many posts as I can but we’ll see exactly how many that will be. Anyways, back to The Thousandth Floor. *dun dun dunnnn* (Also trying out a new type of color for my font on here so we’ll see how that goes as well) So, currently I still don’t know what chapter I’m on for this book because the chapters aren’t really labeled all that well but it switches back and forth between characters so I guess I’m on an Eris chapter right now. And right now, Eris’s entire world is falling apart. She finds out that her mom had cheated on her dad and that the man that she thought was her dad isn’t even her biological father. So yes, lots of drama there. She has to suddenly move from the Upper Floors where the rich live to the Middle Floors, floor 103 where the middle class live which is devastating for her. All she’s ever known is the life of a rich girl, and now she’s just another normal girl. She meets Mariel who’s one of her neighbors on the same floor and Eris starts to realize that there’s more to the mysterious Mariel than meets the eye. What secrets does she hold and what’s up with Eris keeping everything about her true identity, her loss of wealth and her move to the lower floors a big secret from her friends who she thought meant everything to her? I don’t know. It all sounds like high school in an apartment building which pretty much it is. Also, Avery, Atlas’s sister, remember the one who’s in love with him cause he’s technically her adopted brother. Yeah…That one. Well, she notices that her best friend Leda (who slept with Atlas the year before on a ski trip) has taken quite a liking to Atlas and Atlas has taken quite a liking to her. Neither Leda or Atlas ever told Avery about their secret love affair so now Avery is wondering why her “brother” “lover” whatever is now moving away from her and towards her best friend. Leda meanwhile decides to track Atlas’s movements and kinda stalk him through this whiz kid from the middle floors named Watt who has like an artificial intelligence implant named Nadia in his brain. Yeah. Every computer geeks fantasy right? Um. Not for me. Ha. Anyways, Watt agrees to stalk Atlas for Leda and ends up somehow meeting Avery at the same time and well, yeah it’s a huge mess right now as you can imagine. There are characters and drama everywhere. Basic high school rich kid kinda drama. The whole lets be rich and never wanna be one of the normal kid things. It’s a well written plot so far but I wish the chapters were a little more…formally written I guess? Labeled? Numbered? Something? Anything? But this is all based off of a familiar high school girl meets high school boy/rich kid vs. poor kid trope of YA that we all know and love. So, I’m sticking with it. I’ve never actually finished the first book before so we’ll see how long it takes me to get there. I’ve gotten farther than I have before but it may take awhile seeing as how there’s only so much high school drama I can take in one day. So, next up will be a Bunheads update so keep a watch out for that. And yes I do realize I haven’t done any playlists yet for these books but that’s because I’ve basically only determined “theme songs” for each book instead of an entire playlist per say but it’ll be good when I finally get those post ideas together, I promise. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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