Reading Update: The Thousandth Floor: Where I’m At and How I Feel About It

“I love you,” he said, and pulled the door quietly shut behind him.

I love you too, her heart whispered, curling around the phrase like a prayer.”

Quote from page 66 of The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

Hey guys so that was one of the lovely quotes I found amongst the pages of the glitzy glamorous book, The Thousandth Floor. It’s a real butterfly feeling inducer am I right? Right. So where am I in this book so far? Well, that’s kinda hard to tell because there’s no table of contents and no chapter numbers. It’s just flicking back and forth between several characters lives and feelings. And the types of characters range from the very posh, rich ones to the lower more normal people. Basically the way the Tower works is the higher the floor you live on the wealthier you are. So two of the main characters live in the penthouse suite at the thousandth floor and then the rest are all below them on various floors and levels of either wealth or poverty. Did I mention theres lots of love triangles, affairs, drama, glitz and a mysterious death? Yeah it has all that and a bag of chips, guys. I’m enjoying it so far but some parts are a little confusing like how one character is in love with her adopted brother. *crickets* yeah….That’s a little weird. Okay a lot weird but apparently that’s like a theme in several YA books I’ve seen recently. Weirdness sells yeah? I mean I know they’re not biologically related but still…Yeah other than that it’s a pretty cool story so far. Solid characters. Great plot. A little heavy on the he said she said drama but eh, they’re teens so what do you expect? Next post will prob be a Bunheads update so stay tuned. And until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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