Reading Update: The Heir: Where I’m at and How I Feel About It

“His face fell into a confused scowl. “I always thought that you were the one person in the world I would understand no matter what. I thought you’d always understand me, too. But you tease me for being in love, and when the opportunity to find someone falls into your lap, you hate it.”

Ahren to Eadlyn in Chapter 15 of The Heir on page 139

Oh my guys where do I even begin? I’m actually more like on chapter 18 because I’ve been eating this up like a thanksgiving turkey. But, as you can see from that quote; there’s trouble in paradise for Eadlyn and co. Big trouble because Eadlyns too much like her mother. She’s stubborn and refuses to give in and fall in love. Or does she? Several of the Selected have caught her eye but only one seems to have gotten close to her heart so far. Her old friend Kile, the son of Miss Marlee and Carter has captured her attention and heart the most with his sweet late night kisses and familiarity. But will it last? And is trouble on the horizon for as long as the Selection is in progress? Maybe. And yes. Eadlyn will have to decide whether to put her stubbornness aside and let her heart do the talking, or fail not only to her kingdom, but to herself as well.

Next up, aesthetic posts. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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