Reading Update: Bunheads: Where I’m At and How I’m Feeling About It

“So-silently-we balance, we pirouette, we leap. My heart beats rapidly in my chest, and my leg muscles burn. The tempo of the music increases, and we begin to exaggerate our movements until we are jumping across the floor in grand allegro.”

Quote from Bunheads, Chapter 4 page 42 by Sophie Flack

Hey all so this is a reading update on Bunheads. You guys like the quote? I thought it explained everything about this book in a nutshell really. It’s just about ballerinas and the corpes members and their love for the art of ballet. Currently I’m on chapter 4 where Zoe and Hannah are both cast as the understudies for Little who is the main ballerina in the company for the next big performance. Both are extremely competitive bd are working har to achieve their dream as dancing in Lotties place. But then there’s a wrench thrown in for Hannah. One night when she decides to take a night on the town, she meets….*dun dum dunnn* A boy! A college student that’s her age and a non dancer named Jacob. And that’s where it all starts. That’s where the drama, and possibly her downfall begins.

Next up is a The Heir Update so stay tuned and happy reading. -Caroline

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