Reading Update: The Heir: Where I’m At And How I’m feeling About It

Hey guys so yes. Another The Heir post. For starters, I’ve been reading a lot. And by a lot I mean I’m already on Chapter 13 of this book! I’m obsessed. How can I describe it? Sweet and salty at the same time. That’s exactly how I’ll describe it. Eadlyn as a person is a very salty kinda callous person who really only cares about herself at the beginning. She agrees to the Selection as a distraction from all the public unrest that’s happening because her parents dissolved the castes. She also makes it in her favor when she strikes a bargain with Maxon saying that if she doesn’t fall in love they forget the whole thing ever happened. The first few chapters really show how she’s night and day against her parents. America has mellowed our over 20 years it seems but her daughter is definitely a brat. There’s no better term for Eadlyn but a brat. The rest of the characters that were kinda main characters at the end of the original selection series trilogy are older, wiser. Have kids of their own that are involved in the Selection. So, the basics of this spin off is Eadlyn has her own Selection and instead of girls competing it’s guys. And yeah there will be a marriage that comes out of it. Next post I’ll be posting more about the front runners and my personal favs and dream casts for the top Selected this time around. In my opinion I think any of them would be good for Eadlyn. But it just might surprise you who she actually chooses in the next book, why and how they got to that point. So until next post, happy reading. -Caroline

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