The Thousandth Floor: First Impressions and How I feel About It

Hey guys so I’m starting the Thousandth Floor Trilogy tonight (yes it is actually a trilogy) and I’m super excited because this has quickly become one of my absolute new favs. Tall skyscraper cloud city, posh teens with lots of drama and a mysterious death? Sign me up. It’s gonna be a wild ride. I loved this book the last time I read it but honestly only got through book 1 and not the others so I’m eager to see what happens after book 1 too. This book series, if I could describe it in one word would be posh. Very posh. Very rich. Very…alluring. Check it out. You’ll see what I mean. So we’ll be starting with book 1 and then going from there making our way through the trilogy. Ready or not, here we go. Next up, general aesthetics post and Dream cast for this book. Stay tuned. -Caroline

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