Reading Update: Finishing Thoughts: Love and Gelato

So yes. I finished Love and Gelato and it was just as amazing as I thought it would be. It was a stunning end. I thought that it was going to kinda be boring kinda like the middle but it wasn’t. It was amazing. Turns out, Howard isn’t Linas biological dad. A guy named Matteo is and he’s an ass. And when Lina and Ren go confront the guy he’s so mean he makes Lina cry. And Ren and her kiss. Not just like a peck but like, kiss KISS. They fell in love and the rest of the book is about how Lina doesn’t think Howard knows that he’s not her father but he does. And how she and Ren fall in love and stay in love. Andddd Thomas. Poor Thomas is just ending up as like a side/background character. The scene where Lina gives the journal to Howard and talks to him heart to heart is something that really spoke to me. And the end, when Lina decides to stay, that was the sprinkles on top of the gelato for me. And that, is what a good book is all about. Next up, more The Heir, Bunheads and Thousandth Floor updates and posts. Get ready, get hyped and happy reading. -Caroline

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